In LIG Nex1, our business principle is to create value
for our customers, shareholders, and employees
through diligence and honesty

Ethical management

We hold 'Corporate Ethics' as top priority in our management and business activities--it means that not only do we fulfill legal and economic responsibilities, but we also uphold ethical responsibilities with expectation from society in our business activities, in order to ensure trust from our customers and other stakeholders.

Economic responsibility
Creating profit
Creating employment
Legal responsibility
Legal compliance
Accounting Transparency
Ethical responsibility
Eliminating corruption
Preventing pollution
Charitable responsibility
Harmonized relationship with partners
Service to community

Ethical Activities

In order to stand as a company trusted by customers and the society,
LIG Nex1 conducts a variety of Ethics and Compliance activities
to the LIG Nex1 family and our business partners as well.

Within the LIG Nex1 family

  • CEO’s commitment to Ethics and Compliance practices expressed through the new year’s address and management policy
  • Directors and employees sign the Ethics and Compliance declaration every year (on-line)
  • Directors and employees undergo Ethics and Compliance training
  • New hires undergo Ethics and Compliance training
  • Directors and employees participate in Ethics and Compliance survey
  • Ethics and Compliance newsletter

    - Letter introduces international cases for the Ethics    and Compliance
    - Letter guides company’s Code of Ethics and    Guidelines

  • Campaign among the employees should not give and take gifts for the national holidays
    (New Year’s Day and Thanksgiving Day)

With the suppliers

  • Ethics and Compliance agreement signed with the suppliers every year
  • LIGNex1 CEO’s letter asking for Cooperation in cementing the culture of the fair trade to the suppliers every year before the national holidays
    (New Year’s Day and Thanksgiving Day)
  • The employees of the suppliers undergo the Ethics and Compliance training
  • Listen to opinions of the suppliers