CEO Message

CEO message to express ethical management and compliance management practice

All companies are constantly striving for growth while pursuing value for their customers in intense competition
with their competitors. However, we can say that increasing the competitiveness and maintaining sustainable
growth of the company starts with establishing and observing ethical management principles that comply with the law and ethics.

Efforts to strengthen anti-corruption legislation are continuing with a growing consensus on bribery prevention around the world.
Republic of Korea has adopted the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business
Transactions in 1999, and has enacted the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act in 2017.
And we are strongly demanded ethical and semi-legal responsibilities in the management of companies, such as fair competition
and win-win cooperation with partner companies.

Therefore, in consideration of this circumstance, LIG Nex1 has actively conducted the Compliance Program by enacting
the Code of Ethics,the Compliance Guidelines on Commercial Law, the Regulation for Compliance program and of the Regulation
for compliance with Anti-corruption Laws.
The Compliance Program is a compliance management activity that prevents legal risks and protects the company
and its employees by understanding relevant laws and regulations in advance when conducting business.
LIG Nex1 will constantly improve how to conduct business as managing, educating and monitoring LIG Nex1’s policies
and procedures for risk-control.

Therefore, We declare to practice ethics and compliance management as follows.

First, we will eradicate bribery and corruption.
Employees of LIG Nex1 shall not offer, promise, authorize or provide economic benefits to any counterparties on LIG Nex1
business transactions, including domestic or foreign public officials, directly or indirectly, for the purpose of obtaining
improper personal or business gains.

Second, we will take severe disciplinary action with zero tolerance regarding bribery and corruption.
LIG Nex1 will conduct an objective and thorough investigation of all reports of bribery and corruption, and such action
will be punished according to disciplinary regulations.

Third, we will protect whistleblowers (including employees from third parties and suppliers) and employees who refuse any unethical demands.
LIG Nex1 will support and protect the employees who refuse any unethical demands and will not impose any personnel disadvantage towards them.
Also we shall be strictly confidential of whistleblower’s identity and reports. No reprisal or retaliation of any kind of against
the whistleblower (including but not limited to internal reporter, reporters from third parties and suppliers) shall be tolerated.

Fourth, we recognize that the practice of ethics and compliance management is a true competitiveness, and will establish an active awareness of ethics to ensure compliance with laws and ethical responsibilities.

To our executive and staff members,
Please recognize that the violation of legal and ethical responsibility for short-term benefit could severely damage the sustainable
growth of company, and please do your best as a practitioner of JUNGDO(Right way) management that LIG Nex1 pursues.
LIG Nex1 look forward to your continuous interest and active practice.

Thank you.

January 8, 2019
CEO, KIM Jichan

KIM Jichan